Layers of Comprised high-tensile strength. the Lamour Violin's yields a gorgeous natural sound, with an enhances carbon fibre finish. A well-rounded sound capturing every ounce of the violin's natural tone, meticulously resonating on the instruments' entire dynamic range and highlighting the faint nuances of your bowing. the Lamour Violin's are your go-to from Beginner to Expert level playing. This violin is perfect for a students aged between 11+ years old. for approximate arm length : 58.5cm

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- solid carbon fibre top
- solid carbon fibre body
- maple fingerboard (black-dyed)
- maple Pegs (black –dyed)
- metal tailpiece with 4 fine tuners
- Brazilwood bow
- Rosin block included
-wooden bridge piece included
- flight case included : (dims- 77 l x 24 b x 12 h ) with inlaid puffing on case
-size -full size