Welcome to the next generation of acoustic drum triggering. The Aquarian inHEAD trigger pack includes a dual-zone snare trigger system built into a real 2-ply Aquarian head, along with the popular kickZONE external bass drum trigger. These let you blend acoustic drums with electronic samples from a drum module or laptop with no effect on your playing. The included inBOX power supply mounts to your snare and lets you adjust sensitivity on the fly. This is useful when you only want to trigger samples with your backbeats one moment, but capture ghost notes the next.

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How the inHEAD FSR snare system works

The Aquarian inHEAD is one of the most advanced triggering systems out there. The snare head included in this pack is a real Aquarian head through and through – its wide tuning range and lively tone are everything you expect from the Aquarian name. But sandwiched within the head’s plies is a plastic film printed with conductive ink. Playing the head with sticks, mallets, or even your fingertips completes a circuit, passing an electrical current to the trigger and out into your drum module. Because the trigger is built into the head, the Aquarian inHEAD promises to be much more dynamic than external triggers, and is less susceptible to misfiring. An included rimSHOT trigger clip sends rim information to a second channel if you wish.

Aquarian inHEAD Kick and Snare Trigger Pack Features:

  • Advanced drum triggering system
  • Blend/replace acoustic drums with electronic samples
  • Great for the stage and studio
  • Fast, dynamic, and accurate
  • Rejects false triggering
  • inHEAD is a real 2-ply Aquarian snare head with built-in FSR triggering
  • rimSHOT clip routes rimshots and rim knocks to a separate channel
  • inBOX power supply mounts to a snare and adjusts sensitivity on the fly
  • kickZONE external bass trigger is dynamic and responsive
  • 1/4″ outputs