The H25B is a fully integrated PA unit in an ergonomic ABS handheld housing. Power can be supplied from mains or the internal rechargeable battery to deliver up to 25W output. Hands-free vocal address is made easy and convenient with the supplied VHF wireless neckband system. Built-in Bluetooth receiver and USB media player provide background music playback options, including an FM radio tuner function. Applications include demonstrations, speech reinforcement in educational scenarios and mobile public address.

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  • Power supply : main unit: 230Vac, 50Hz or internal rechargeable battery
  • Output power : max.: 25W
  • Carrier frequency: 174.1MHz
  • VHF operating distance: 35m (max.)
  • Audio source: USB player, FM tuner, Bluetooth receiver
  • Battery life (hours) : voice: 7 hours max
  • Battery life (hours) : signal: 2 hours max
  • Frequency response: 100Hz - 12kHz
  • S/N ratio>: 75dB
  • SPL max.: 80dB
  • Batteries : beltpack transmitter: 9Vdc PP3
  • VHF tuning stability: 0.005% quartz crystal locked
  • Dimensions : VHF beltpack: 205 x 68 x 25mm (ex. antenna)
  • Weight : VHF beltpack: 76g (no battery)
  • Dimensions : main unit: 155 x 183 x 285mm
  • Weight : main unit: 2.74kg

Mains or battery operation
VHF neckband microphone system
Bluetooth Receiver
Internal USB audio player
FM radio tuner