A lightweight, portable high resolution projector screen, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply empty the contents of the carry bag and assemble in minutes to enjoy sharp, high quality images from a front or back projector. The 100″ screen is made from high quality, ice silk material that can be easily folded away and stored without the worry of creases. The lightweight, sturdy frame sits on 2 heavy duty feet which can also be pegged down when needed in outdoor settings. Ideal for many applications including homes, schools, offices, weddings, churches, presentations, public display, outdoor cinemas and more

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  • Screen size: 100" (254cm)
  • Screen dimensions: 2210 x 1230mm
  • Screen ratio: 16:9
  • Screen material: White ice silk fabric
  • Floor height: 800mm
  • Dimensions: folded away850 x 200 x 100mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg

100 inch 16:9 high resolution portable projector screen
Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
Simple assembly in just a few minutes
Crease-free, fold away screen material
Totally portable, lightweight design
Suitable for front or rear projection
Perfect for homes, schools, offices, weddings, churches, presentations, outdoor cinemas and more
supplied with carry bag and ground pegs