AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR WHITE The CMS300 USB microphone Set contains a high performance condenser microphone with a wide frequency response, specially designed for free drive and simple operation. It connects directly to a PC or laptop using a contemporary USB cable and is immediately ready to use in a plug and play style. The sturdy metal suspension scissor stand with table mount clamp guarantees an excellent range of motion. Widely used for singing, gaming, chatting, web hosting, personal recording, podcasting, video voiceovers, Skype conferences and many other applications.

  • Brand: VONYX
  • SKU: 173.512B
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  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20.000Hz
  • Impedance: 200ohm
  • Sensitivity: -37dB (+/-2dB)
  • SPL max: 120dB
  • Microphone type: Cardioid
  • Power Supply: 5V via USB
  • Dimensions : (L x W x H) 170 x 47mm
  • Weight : 0.55kg

Condenser microphone with USB output
High-Quality Recording
Excellent voice projection
USB Plug & Play Connectivity
Rugged metal casing for improved longevity
High compatibility (Windows, Mac OS)
Colour: Black
Adjustable suspension scissor arm stand
Table mount clamp
Sturdy shock mount with damping function
Pop filter on gooseneck
Foam microphone cover
Integrated USB A to B cable